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I am available to speak at various workshops and conferences. If you need a speaker, browse through the following seven workshop topics. I can also create a customized workshop for a topic of your choice. Contact me for more information on pricing and availability.

Publishing 101

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Based on thirty years of writing experience, Kristi talks about (1) the work habits necessary for a publishing writer to develop, (2) finding and shaping ideas that will sell, and (3) how to target magazines, book publishers and agents.

The Swiss-army Knife Character *

Developing characters with many unusual facets gives you unique characters that actually help make plotting easier.

Writing a Mystery

Kristi has sold twelve middle-grade mysteries. The Haunting of Cabin 13 won the Maryland children’s choice award. This two-hour workshop walks you through the steps of creating your characters, plot, setting and outline.

How to Write and Sell a Middle-Grade Novel

Kristi’s time-proven plan for outlining, writing, and selling middle-grade novels. Kristi has sold 34 middle-grade novels.

Tension Techniques: Infusing Page-Turning Tension into Your Fiction

This talk and worksheet give you over 50 proven techniques for infusing tension into your characters, plot, settings and dialogue. A handy reference tool you’ll turn to again and again.

How to Survive the Writing Life—and Thrive

We get sidetracked from our writing goals by lack of time, health problems, marriage and family issues, cash flow problems and day jobs, procrastination, and more. Deal with these issues, and you’re halfway to making those writing/illustrating dreams happen. Author of Writer’s First Aid and More Writer's First Aid, Kristi has dealt with those problems and more during her 33-year writing career.

teaching at a conference

How to be a Self-Coach *

We live in the day of the personal trainer, mentor, counselor, and coach. People want help transforming their “potential” into actual performance. Written goals are critical, but many writers need a boost to turn these dreams into actualities. Often there is no one available to support you in your dreams. You’re torn between pressures of work and home, haunted by dreams that never quite get launched. Few writers/illustrators can afford to hire private coaches, but you can learn to be your own best encourager, cheerleader, mentor and friend.

* Includes Worksheets

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