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Kristi Holl has been a published writer for over 25 years.  Through a dozen surgeries, raising children, a divorce, numerous moves, and several financial crises, she continued to write.  As a writing teacher for 17 years, Ms. Holl used her experiences to encourage and advise hundreds of students, many of whom faced a similar challenge--how to integrate their writing with other aspects of their lives.  A series of articles on these issues expanded into weekly writing for two websites.  Repeated requests from both writing students and published authors for previously published articles convinced her to assemble 40 of her most popular articles into Writer’s First Aid.  (Scroll down for Table of Contents and four sample articles.)


Writer’s First Aid is divided into four sections for easy reference:  “Getting Started,” “Work Habits That Work for You,” “Money and Other Practical Matters,” and “Creating the Writing Life You Want.”  When a writer is experiencing a particular problem, he or she can turn to the section of the book covering that topic and find 10 articles.  These range from the very practical (in the work habits section) to inspirational and challenging (in the section on creating the writing life you want).  Articles in Writer’s First Aid fit the busy writer’s schedule:  long enough to be helpful, yet short enough to be read during ten-minute breaks. Think of Writer’s First Aid as a medicine chest, full of good things for what ails many writers.  Medicine chests contain items that kill pain, bind up wounds, bring restoration, and increase vitality.  May this volume be each of those things to you.




Checkup from the Neck Up
          Hitting A Home Run
Getting to Know You
What’s Your Motivation?
Increased Creativity
What Are You Thinking?
Balanced Truth
A Block by Any Other Name
Beauty from Ashes
Why Does It Take So Long? Read here

Unfinished Business Read here
Dealing with Distractions
But I Don’t Have Time!
No Cheating at the Office
Recovering from Speed Sickness
Boosting Productivity
Time Pressure?  Be Early!
Divide and Conquer
Too Much Time?
Journal through the Summer

A New Relationship with Money
Money Maxims
Stop, Don’t Shoot! Read here
Great Expectations
Bite the Bullet!
Get Your Family Involved
8 Strategies for Being Your Own Agent
Waiting! Waiting! Waiting!
Choosing a Writers’ Conference
Body Maintenance

The Shortest Distance
Is Full-time Freelancing for You?
Success:  Horse before the Cart
Who’s in Charge?
No Quick Fixes
Voices of Self-Sabotage Read here
The Traveling Writer
A Call to Excellence
Taking Time Off
A Writer’s Courage



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